It was the worst situation you could imagine.  It's the week before Christmas.  We had just left to go interstate and we had sent one of our treasured family members (Floyd - a gold labradoodle) to a holiday destination of his own - a kennel set on acreage with lots of "friends" to play with.  

Within 48 hours, we got the call that he had been attacked by a pit bull in the kennel and may not survive the next 24 hours.  We were a long way away, and couldn't quite believe what had happened.

We were very fortunate that he survived, and over the next couple of days he also managed to survive the subsequent operations to stitch up the many, many external wounds.  We were kind of thankful that we never saw him at his very worst - but now we face a new dilemma!  We can't get home until the 27th Dec, but the hospital where he is, needs us to pick him up on the morning of the 24th as they are not open over Christmas!  He still needs extra special care and lots of love - and it's Christmas!

Enter Poppins!  The vet nurse at the hospital recommended Poppins and in desperation at 7:30pm on the 22nd Dec I ring Hannah and share my dilemma with her.  She is just as shocked as anyone - but commits to finding some way of helping us out.  She said that she would ring around and get back to us that night.  Within an hour we had a call from Kylie, the vet nurse who was offering to take care of our injured family member.  She would pick him up from the hospital and keep him until we could get home to pick him up.  We knew we had struck gold and found just the right people to take care of him!  Kylie took care of all of the arrangements.  Hannah then rang back just after and made sure that everything was OK.

Over the next days we spoke with Kylie every day.  She was quick to notice that Floyd needed to go back to the vet and was able to make all the necessary arrangements to get him in to a vet surgery - on Boxing Day no less!  From the beginning we knew he had the best care possible - probably even better than what we could have provided him at that time.  When we finally arrived to meet her and him - we knew without a doubt that we (and Floyd) had made a life-long friend!  Kylie & her family that had been there on Christmas day had lavished Floyd with much attention and sympathy - just what the doctor ordered!

I have no hesitation in recommending Poppins to anyone that wants the best level of care for their pet.  If we ever allow Floyd out of our sight and go away again without him - I certainly know who I will be calling to to look after Floyd!

Jane Marland