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borderPoppins Pet-Sitters - high quality service by Veterinary Nurses who can administer your pets medication from Byron Bay to Gold Coast and Brisbane
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Poppins Pet-Sitters are Veterinary Nurses, RSPCA & AWL volunteers or certified, experienced and professional animal specialists, here to cater to your needs and pets requirements. Upon our FREE Initial Meet & Greet we can arrange a service that fits your pet’s normal routine, based on you and your pets requirements to help reduce the anxiety leaving their familiar surroundings can bring.

*Please note we DO NOT CHARGE per PET!!* Our prices are based on quality and experience, and the required time we spend with your babies AND we DO NOT apply SURCHARGES to holiday seasons.

Daily / twice daily Pet-Sitting

  • Offering peace of mind while you're away!
  • Daily / Twice Daily Visits
  • Includes daily walks for dogs (at least 30 mins)
  • Litter change /'poo-patrol'
  • Pet health check
  • Mail collection and bins in / out on request
  • Medicating / rehabilitation assistance

    House & Pet-Sitting
  • Offering peace of mind while you're away!
  • Nightly stay-overs, offering more time with your babies
  • Includes longer, daily walks for dogs (at least 45 mins)
  • Litter change /'poo-patrol'
  • Vet Nurse pet health check
  • Medicating / rehabilitation assistance
  • Mail Collection
  • Bins out
  • Offers more security protection overnight
    *This option is subject to availablity - booking in ADVANCE is recommended

    In-Home Pet-Sitting
  • Nightly stay-overs in YOUR Pet-Sitters home
  • Offering peace of mind while you're away!
  • All the same benefits as daily visits
    *This option is subject to availablity - booking in ADVANCE is recommended
    Dogs MUST be VACCINATED and Up-To-Date with Flea & Tick control
    * Please be sure to notify us of any behavioural or anxiety issues or 'special requests' prior to securing your booking
    For In-Home bookings over 5 days - please note a trial period prior to your booking of two days may be required.
    * *Conditions apply with per pet bookings for this option*

    Dog Walking
  • Anytime, anyday!
  • You choose how long! (30 mins - 1hr or more!!)
  • Our Vet Nurses / Pet-Sitters offer added value to your dogs walks
  • Get your neighbour to have their dog walked and SHARE the cost!

    Addtitional Services & Pet Activities
  • Vet Nurse medical adminstration visits (adminstering insulin injecions, oral medication, nail clips etc.)
  • Bowen Therapy
  • Reiki Therapy
  • Beach and Park Adventures
  • Find-a-playmate
  • Weight Management programmes
  • Puppy Etiquiette Lessons & Behavioural Consultations
  • Socialisation Lessons
  • DOGA (coming soon)
  • TRAVEL - if you're worried you live to far away from our sitters... don't be! We will travel further distances to care for your furry family members. ***Subject to availability

  • Register your interest with us to learn PET FIRST AID!
  • Register your interest with DOGA


Pricing is going to vary. This is due to requirements, location and additional services. We offer a full FREE quote and FREE INITIAL Meet & Greet upon your detailed request by going to our contact page and emaiing your address, time away (dates) and services required.
Poppins Pet-Sitters care by Veterinary Nurses is about you and your pet. We will tailor everything, just the way you need it, for peace of mind. You ask, we deliver!

Our Pet Minding fees are based on the quality time we spend with your pets
***** Extended booking and cash payment discounts apply ******
****Prices below to be used as a guide only***

Pet-Sitting (daily / twice daily visits)

Daily visits – From $49.90 per day
Twice Daily – From $89.90 per day
Daily Visits - From $45.90 per day
Twice Daly - From $79.90 per day

Hourly Pet-Sitting (MIN 3 Hours):
***Please note an initial visit fee applies in addition to the below***
2 hours - From $69.90
3 hours - From $85.90
4 hours - From $101.90
5 hours - From $117.90
6 hours or more from $15.90 / hr

House & Pet-Sitting (Our Pet-Sitters stay overnight in your home with your pets)
DOGS and / or other pets:
From $89.90 per night (2 nights or more)

$135 One night only

From $85.90 per night

$125 One night only

In-Home Pet-Sitting (Your pets very own holiday in one of our Pet-Sitters homes)
***MUST BE VACCINATED (show vaccination certificate at M&G), SOCIAL (if staying with other dogs) & FLEA & TICK CONTROLLED

Daily stays – From $49.90 ($89 for two)

We recommend THE VET LOUNGE CAT SUITES for cat boarding - home away from home.


*****Please note our sitters regular travel is up to a 15km radius. Anything more than this fees may be applied.
$1.50 per KM over and above 15km radius

Bowen Therapy & Reiki

To you - From $55 per treatment
You come to us - From $45 per treatment

Dog Walking
Daily – From $45
Twice Daily – From $79.90

(email your enquiry for details on our extended period bookings savings!)

Parks & beach socialisation, sleep over’s & find-a-playmate, kayaking & runs
*Socialised & Vaccinated pets ONLY

Daily – From $95
(For bookings of more than twice a week we provide significant discounts and additional FREE services)