Ellee Kopp
Oscar & Missy Brass
Ellee Kopp of Burleigh
Hannah with Bondi Vet
Chocky having a run - burning off some of those EASTER calories!
Oscar & Missy Brass having a day at the beach with
The EVER SO CUTE POSER... "Stella" Loades
blue Kane Jeffress the beautiful Rotti! Chester & Lucy Lee Rupert Thompson & Tana Travers-Jones tana
Blue of Murwillumbah
Kane Jeffress out on his walk over Easter
Chester & Lucy were 'worn out' after a big run in
Surfers Paradise!
Rupert & Tana playing out in the country at one of our Pet-Sitters homes...
Tana Travers-Jones of highland Park
Click here to see CHESTER celebrating his 4th birthday, December 4, 2010!!
PATTY Parker
Flora Bryson
Byron Fajzullin
Charlie and his mum Hollie with Sarah
Chester Brackett of Bundall
The best behaved cat we've ever met at Poppins Pet-Sitters
1994 - 2010
The furry Flora Bryson, waiting for her weekly pats!
Byron waiting for TUCKER TIME!
Sir Charles and his mum Hollie
BONNIE Wallace with her XMAS 2010 gifts from POPPINS Pet-Sitters DEXTER Venn - getting stuck into his Christmas present left by his mum
JACKO Perkins after unwrapping his Christmas present from POPPINS Pet-Sitters
STELLA Sherwood playing SANTA
GEORGE Wilson looking SUPER cute on Christmas day
BONNIE Wallace getting her Christmas gifts from POPPINS Pet-Sitter KYLIE BENNETT
DEXTER Venn couldn't wait to open his present mummy Kerry had left with him
JACKO Perkins posing for NANNY KAIHLA after opening his POPPINS Chrissie present
STELLA Sherwood dressed as Santa - very unimpressed!
GEORGE Wilson loved his Christmas day with NANNY KYLIE - all smiles and cuddles